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One Touch Music LLC login policy

Signing up for One Touch Music LLC as a visitor online, we collect and keep your information safe. This information is not to be use or sole to third party institutions. we receive, collect and store any information you enter on our website. In addition, we collect email address and purchase history.  

Session tool may be use to collect information, including page response time, length of visit, page interaction, and form submitted.  

This website is design through Wix.

If you have question about this please contact us for clarity. This policy is applicable to online information. 


By using this site, you acknowledge to our privacy policy. Individual must read and consent to the terms and conditions by placing a check mark or when submitting a request. 

Data collection

Information we collect online and by phone include:

Name, address, venue, phone number, email address, event date, product name and comments. 

Information Use

Information gather is use to communicate, develop, and enhance our site. Communication is done through our company for updates and custom services. 

Event Cancellation

Please contact us 72 hours in advance for cancellation. Events can only be reschedule to a new date. 


At least 50 percent of your payment must be made in advance to secure an engagement or event.  Payments can be made online or in person. 

Event planning and setup

By Booking our service, you agreed to plan and setup the event hall or venue with our team. Our equipments need to be showcase and handle properly. 

Recording Session

All recordings must be book or arrange in advance for proper setup of our home studio. All beats produce by One Touch Music LLC is own by this company unless lease for a term or purchase by an artist, individual, another company or group.

Live Performance

Live performance or live band must be arrange and book in advance for an event. At least 90 days. If booking is done too late, you may be turn down or price may increase.   DJ can be book a week or two weeks in advance. All Bookings are subject to final approval by One Touch Music LLC. 

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